Problem-solving through Photography

A Creative, Walking Coaching workshop

They are everywhere.
Today, we are surrounded and overwhelmed by pictures in any area of our personal, public and digital lives.

Because of that, despite our good intentions, in the last few years, we have become passive users of photography, and somehow, pictures have become part of our unwanted daily noise & clutter.

With the continuous increase of pictures snapped and stored on the phone, persistent smartphone scrolling and selfie culture, photography has lost part of its original meaning.

What is even worse, all this is causing a huge increase of time-waste, stress, anxiety and loss of well-being in our lives.

Can photography be used, instead, as a tool for Self-Reflection, Problem-Solving, Long-Life Learning, Personal Growth and a Meaningful Life?

From Lens to Self is a unique Coaching Workshop.

We teach people to use pictures as instruments of Personal Reflection and impact their own life, work and community, starting from personal exploration.

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"I recommend Gianpietro's Workshop to my Londoners who are interested in coaching or have a specific problem/challenge you are tackling.Gianpietro has put together something novel, the workshop is a condensed, slow-pace opportunity for a focus on your chosen area, with tools I hadn’t used before in the context of problem-solving or coaching, that I found working on a deep level in helping me understand my challenge, chart a path and move forward.I am still thinking about a breakthrough I had during one of the exercises.The timing was perfect for me so I’m really glad I chose to do this!"Stavroula, Tech Professional, London

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"Gianpietro's Workshop was an enlightening experience that pushed me to see photography in a whole new light.It taught me to embrace the power of coaching and to use my camera as a tool for self-exploration.The workshop's hands-on activities and insightful personal discussions sparked my creativity and allowed me to capture moments that reflect my innermost thoughts and emotions.I had it early in the morning and it was deep and inspirational but also I felt very energetic after that, ready for action."Highly recommended."Nora, Restaurant Manager, London

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"Gianpietro's experience exceeded all my expectations.It was a transformative experience that helped me break free from creative limitations and explore new avenues of self-expression. The workshop provided a supportive and inspiring environment where I felt encouraged to experiment and push my boundaries.I left the workshop with a renewed passion for photography and a deeper understanding of its potential as a tool for change"Laura, Social Researcher, London

"The Lens to Self-training was one of the most unique workshops I've attended; it built a rare opportunity to connect with other participants, and to myself, in an open and vulnerable way without being overwhelmed. Gianpietro was gentle and eased us into the process with a calm friendliness that immediately helped us to trust in him and the process. It was clear he was able to adapt the pace and type and path of activities based on our energy and dynamic.Then through a series of other mixed activities - ranging from solo to pair to group, walking to sitting, taking photographs to take notes, listening to others or showing our work - we went on a journey through better understanding the problem to find ways to address it. I wrote a poem at one point in the workshop that has now become the opening poem in my first book! This speaks only to the quality of space and care Gianpietro brings to all of his facilitation spaces.Lens to Self was an innovative format which was delivered by a facilitator who has invented a unique format which represents who he is as a person and what he is good at. He had the perfect mix of giving space to giving guidance and the reason I think he is innovative is because there is nothing out there like it - the facilitator is unique as a person and his workshops all deeply reflect this.Josiane, Programme Lead Social Innovation, London

"Attending From Lens to Self was a turning point. The workshop helped me see photography as a powerful medium for self-expression and personal growth.I learned to use my camera as a tool to capture emotions, tell stories, and connect with myself and others on a deeper level. It was an enriching experience."Lydia, Designer and Coach, London.

Gianpietro Pucciariello

It was an incredible workshop that tapped into the intersection of photography and self-discovery.
A truly powerful coaching exercise.
It provided me with valuable insights and practical techniques to express my thoughts and emotions through visual storytelling.
Gianpietro is supportive and engaging. He allowed me to grow both as an individual and as a professional."
Lu, Life Coach, London.

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"From Lens to Self was a transformative experience that taught me to view the world through a different lens, both literally and metaphorically.*It helped me slow down, observe the beauty in everyday moments, and appreciate the power of storytelling through photography.This workshop not only improved my knowledge of photography but also deepened my connection with the world around me.*Working on myself surrounded by nature was the cherry on the cake"Nicola, Coach and Entrepreneur, London

"The workshop gave me a fresh perspective on photography. It made me realize that the lens captures not just images but emotions and metaphors."Eva, Marketing Director, London

"Attending the workshop was a game-changer for me. It helped me see photography as more than just snapping pictures; it became a medium for self-expression and reflection."Sophie, Entrepreneur, London

"Wow, what an experience! The workshop turned my passion for photography into a powerful tool for personal growth. Highly recommend!"Adrien, Tech Professional, Paris

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"I can't express enough how impactful Gianpietro's workshop was for me.It felt like stepping into a whole new world where photography became a language to translate my feelings and reflect on the present moment.I have never done an experience-based coaching workshop and it was so refreshing. It really helped me step out of my daily work and have time for myself.A proper fresh air in my life.
The workshop taught me to see beyond the surface and dive into the depths of emotion and meaning using metaphors and intuition.
A journey of self-discovery and creativity"Mark, Impact Investor, London

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"The combination of walking in nature and using my basic photography skills allowed me to embrace my unique style of reflection for a few hours and confidently express my feelings through visuals."Emir, Finance, London

The workshop was unlike anything I’ve ever done before, mixing two different areas: coaching and photography.
Every aspect had been so well thought out and curated, from exploring a personal challenge to framing it creatively to exploring it using a mix of mediums (photography and external natural surroundings)
It was an innovative way of exploring something deeply personal to me with the right amount of guidance but without disclosing it. I would never have used photography to think so deeply about something before but he'd crafted the workshop for all levels of photography (I am a total amateur). It was a new way of looking at things from many angles which opened up my thinking.The way he facilitated was adjusted to me as an individual, and sensitive to my energy levels throughout the workshop. I could tell he was incredibly experienced and I left with a lot to reflect on and it didn't hit me until a few days later how much of an impact the workshop had had on me. I later implemented some changes in my life based on this workshop and highly recommend it to anyone!Rachel, Product Manager, London

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"Through the workshop's coaching approach, thought-provoking questions, and silence, I gained a deeper understanding of myself, which translated into more authentic self-expression.
Gianpietro Created a truly powerful safe container for exercising my intuition and helping me reflect on a very important personal problem.
Unexpected.Jo, Marketing Director, London.

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"Gianpietro's thought-provoking questions used in the workshop ignited deep self-reflection, leading to a lot of deep work and a greater understanding of my vision."Micaela, Lawyer, London

"The workshop's focus on reflection and the use of powerful questions guided me in exploring my goals, dreams, and aspirations, leading to meaningful insights and personal breakthroughs."Andy, Council Worker, London

Gianpietro Pucciariello
Gianpietro Pucciariello

"From Lens to Self helped me see the world through a different lens, quite literally! The workshop inspired me to capture moments with intention and create art with purpose."Oliver, Copywriter, London

"The Workshop provided me with a profound sense of self-discovery.Through the workshop's activities and reflections, I learned to use photography as a tool for exploring my own identity and personal growth.Gianpietro encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the vulnerability of self-expression.This Experience truly empowered me to unleash my creativity in a different way and find my authentic voice.And the time flew away"Isabella, Sustainability Consultant, London

Gianpietro Pucciariello

"Deep, Really Deep.I would have expected that I could ever use my mobile phone camera in this way.
I feel Great Now"
Ismail, Project Manager, London.


From Lens to Self the workshop

The "From Lens to Self" workshop is:3 Hours Long,
A slow-paced walking experience,
(So Far...) London Based,
Full of Playful activities,
A space for thinking and deep work,
Where we both work alone and together,
Where we will be in silence and experience focused conversations,
Plenty of metaphors, but full of action.
A Coaching-Based Workshop.And it all starts with your digital camera (or mobile phone) in your Hands.

What we will experience:Using coaching questions and creative activities together with photo challenges to reflect on a personal problem/goal to think and have a journey through our plans and present lives;Practice photography differently, focusing on being present, on attentive observation and on the meaning of making a picture for self-development.Use Photography and storytelling to build metaphors, and open up with old and new understandings, ideas and perspectives to act to build leadership and plans.Walk around the urban and natural environment and learn practices and techniques that can help to connect differently to the environment;

You Should Attend the Workshop if you:Have a personal goal they want to achieve or a personal challenge they want to solve AND/ORYou are experiencing a significant change in your life, or you are in a moment of inner chaos and want support in finding some purpose and direction;Are curious about Art based coaching practices, creative problem-solving and innovation activities;are intrigued by the idea of using photography for self-reflection, mindfulness and storytelling;You like photography, regardless of the camera or experience level;


Gianpietro Pucciariello

In September 2023, "From Lens to Self" has been Shortlisted as Finalist for the National Facilitator Awards 2023 in the category of Innovative Facilitator AwardWith your help, the project is growing and creating more and more impact.Thank you to anyone who has been supporting me so far in this project.

Join the "From Lens to Self" Workshop is quite an easy thing to do.Just:
1) click here or on the Eventbrite picture,
2) choose the event on the date you prefer
3) Complete the form on Eventbrite, you will receive a few info emails before the event.

From Lens to Self Event Link

If you want to know more about the workshop before booking, Listen to the recording below.I had the privilege to be the guest of the Facilitation Stories Podcast, the official Podcast of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) England and Wales Chapter.On this occasion, I talk about how I started "From Lens to Self" and how connecting Photography and Facilitation can create an Impact.

From Lens to Self the workshop

From Lens to Self the workshop


What do I need for the workshop?

A digital camera or mobile phone (you don’t need to be a professional photographer), A power bank (if necessary), a Copybook and a Pen.
To mitigate risks from weather conditions, bring water, a hat, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, and shoes (it is a walking workshop).

Can I bring a smartphone instead of a camera?

Yes, Any digital photography device is welcome, whether it’s a professional camera, a point-and-shoot, or a smartphone.
The focus is on the experience, not the equipment.

What if I'm not able to walk far?

Although the session includes some walking, it is not a long hike and it is a slow-paced workshop.
We move slowly with frequent stops to rest, sit, and participate in activities.
You don't need to walk far or for long periods.

Is the Workshop Suitable for people on the wheelchair?

Unfortunately, the workshop is Not Suitable for people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters, sorry, due to high slopes and possible difficult terrains, sorry.
We are working to make the workshop fully accessible in the future.

Are beginners in photography or coaching/personal development welcome?

Yes, beginners are very welcome! Our workshop is designed for all experience levels in photography or coaching.
We’ll guide you through the journey in a supportive environment.

What happens if it is a rainy day?

The sessions run in all weather.
We would only cancel if it is dangerous to be out - a big storm or very high wind.


Gianpietro Pucciariello

Hello, my name is Gianpietro Pucciariello and I am an Italian visual storyteller, coach and participatory facilitator based in London.Economist and Evaluator by trade, I rediscovered photography through a course in Photojournalism in 2012.My projects aim at pushing the boundaries between social impact, dialogue and human conditions in Communities."From Lens to Self" is one of my most intimate creative projects.
It started from an inner struggle in my teenage years and evolved into a Self Reflection Exercise to support personal reflection on daily struggles and vulnerabilities and help to revive actions for change and impact, one photo at a time.

Since then, I have been using photography as a medium for personal development and a tool to give a voice to marginalised communities and organisations that want to address social and environmental issues in the places they operate by telling stories that mainstream media formats do not often tell, to encourage critical consciousness and influence policy."From Lens to Self" is my attempt to connect my different life and work experiences and to build a legacy in my community through photography, using five elements 1) focused questions, 2) metaphors, 3) storytelling, 4) Participation 5) Action-Driven Challenges.Listen more about my personal story on how "From Lens to Self" started in the podcast below.

Affiliated to:


Participating in "From Lens to Self", you're also participating in our Pay it Forward Scheme.Here's the deal: for Every Ticket I sell, I am donating 2 Tickets to charity workers in season three (happening in Spring 2024). We've got a whopping 168 tickets ready and waiting to be given away.

Gianpietro Pucciariello

Here few of the Charities I have been supporting" offering "From Lens to Self" free tickets through the Pay it Forward Scheme.

Anyone who cannot make it to London for the workshop can still support "From Lens to Self" by donating to the "Buy Me a Coffee platform."Your contribution will directly help us to grow and impact more.


From Lens to Self the workshop

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8. DATA RETENTIONWe will retain the information you provide us to receive emails and access our online webinars and products and services until you choose to opt out of our products and services. If you wish to have your information deleted, please contact us (see “How to Contact Us” below).9. OUR POLICY CONCERNING MINORSMinors MUST NOT participate in the "From Lens to Self" Project. If you are under the age of 18, you may not use this website. If we learn that we’ve collected personal data from a minor, we will take reasonable steps to delete it. Parents who believe that we may have collected personal information from a minor can submit a request that it be removed by contacting us (see “How to Contact Us” below).10. DISCLAIMERSBy participating in the "From Lens to Self" Project, you agree to the following disclaimers:
No reasonable expectation of privacy in information or content was disclosed to the "From Lens to Self" Project.
Agree to release Gianpietro Pucciariello and the "From Lens to Self" Project from any claim to any intellectual property rights in the information you provide.
Physical/Mental Health Disclaimer: No liability to Gianpietro Pucciariello for Physical Harm, Illegal Actions, or Mental Health Liability. You agree that should you experience any adverse physical or mental health reactions, you must immediately stop your participation in the "From Lens to Self" Project and seek medical attention.
Illegal Actions Disclaimer: Criminal activity shall not be tolerated and may be reported to the appropriate authorities or disclosed to them if they request additional information. You agree that you shall not hold Gianpietro Pucciariello liable for any illegal/unlawful actions or physical harm.
Age: By Using This Website and/or the "From Lens to Self" project, you agree that you are 18 years or older as required by GDPR and CCPA. See the section on “Minors” in the Privacy Policy.
11. SPECIFIC CONSENTSBy participating in the "From Lens to Self" Project, you consent to the following:
You consent to be contacted by Gianpietro Pucciariello by electronic communication or other means including phone numbers.
You consent to waive any right to bring a claim for any alleged intellectual property while part of the "From Lens to Self" Project.
You agree to the sale of content you submit to "From Lens to Self", including your likeness to a museum, collection, or third party for monetary gain.
You consent to exhibits, websites, and other public forums that may include the use of your real name and likeness captured during the "From Lens to Self" Project.
12. NOTICE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTSIf you are a California resident, you have the right to request certain details about what personal information we share with third parties for those third parties' direct marketing purposes. To submit your request, please contact us (see “How to Contact Us” below) with the phrase “California Shine the Light” and include your mailing address, state of residence, and email address.13. CHANGES AND UPDATES TO THIS POLICY
We may change this Policy from time to time. If we make changes, we will notify you by revising the date at the top of this Policy, and in some cases, we may provide you with additional notice (such as sending you an email notification). We encourage you to review the Policy whenever you interact with us to stay informed about our information practices and the ways you can help protect your privacy.
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